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Josh’s 30th Birthday cake

I am going to make, my dear friend, Josh a cake for his 30th birthday. I gathered the appropriate information I needed. I wote 3 questions down and asked him to answer:

1. What is your favorite cake, white, yellow, chocolate, or strawberry?

2. What is your favorite fruit?

3. What is your Favorite alchoholic beverage?

He answered, white-strawberry-tequila

So I thought how i would put these together into a wonderful composition for a cake. I will start with a simple white cake. I will use 2 9-inch circular cake pans, for a double layer cake. The cake will have a good amount of tequila in it and I will make a seperate tequila glaze.

For the filling, I will macerate strawberries and cook them down in a sauce, puree and then chill.

Now, what to do for the frosting? I had to think for a second as I complentated. A chocolate would, for sure, calashe with the tequila! I love using very light airy frostings, but in this case it would never hold up to the strong bold flavor of tequila. So, I decided to do with a pure white chocolate ganache. That would create a PERFECT balance for all the flavors of this cake.

UPDATE~ I, first started with strawberry macerated filling. A real success. I did not want it too sweet, because the chocolate ganache frosting will be very sweet. The tase was perfect and a touch of tart%

One thing I love MORE than eating dessert, is creating dessert!!!

One thing I love MORE than eating dessert, is creating dessert!!!